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 Have you heard of slash my search? nope right?

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PostSubject: Have you heard of slash my search? nope right?   Wed Mar 07, 2007 2:14 pm

But it is really good. Today they are having difficulties, but I have earn about a $1 in a few days. It really works well.

This is what you do:

1. Go to this site, at the bottom, where there is a green area, sign in.

2. Get your own link (which you will also use for referring people after you)

3. But it on your address bar and start your page. Then search using it.

4. They teach you how to make it your homepage.

If you make it your home page, you earn every time you use your browser
starting from it. You don't have to be on that page all the time. But use it for search. And then move from it. I start with it and look for google or yahoo and then continue.

You earn even if you live the site. Just start from it. And get as many downlines as you can. You will keep earning. It is excellent.

Remember, today it is having some problems, but yahoo did it too when it started.

Take care,
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Have you heard of slash my search? nope right?
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