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PostSubject: Hits4pay   Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:53 pm

From My Blog Money Base - Get Paid to Read Programs

April 10, 2007

Issue # 1 of Money Base letter - Hits4pay[/url]

The Money Base Letter

Issue date: April 1, 2007 Issue Number: 0001

I am Glad to introduce you to one of the highly paying Programs over the net:


"Multiple Stream" a New York based Advertising company started Hits4pay on April 2000, and since it has became one of the best programs in the Get Paid to read emails industry, you will notice from the ads they send that they are not like other programs.

Hits4pay is famous for its high reward, each mail is worth $0.02 so don't expect to receive more than 15 to 30 emails per week and sometimes less, it depends on the interests in your profile.

They have a moderately High minimum payout of $25, but the good news is that they give you a sign up bonus of $10 to make it easier for you to reach their minimum, and another great thing is your referral bonus which is 50% for both 1st & 2nd level.

Now how much does it take from your time? The truth is: barely anything.
Why? Because their emails are not bothering at all, you
will not receive 100 emails a day for tiny fractions of cents like
other programs. Depending on the interests you have chosen you will receive 10 to 15 emails per week when your membership starts later the number of emails would accelerate.

Important Tip: you can read your mail in the site mail box and every month or so change the interests in your profile to receive all their campaigns' emails and Make More Money!!

Now a little math: First forget about the 10$ sign up bonus, if you are in the US or Canada and don't have referrals you need around 6 months of clicking to accumulate $25 but suppose you had only 2 1st level referrals so the time to make the $25 will drop to 3 months now how much can you make with 8 1st level referrals? The answer is you will receive $25 every 1 and a half months so the upside potential of making money with Hits4pay is huge...

Keep this in your mind
Good Luck

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