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PostSubject: MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS   Sun Mar 04, 2007 4:02 am


Online Businesses Forum intends to be a new and a unique forum in which online business owners and the interested public meet and share information freely.

On Online Businesses Forum is unique because, all members are allowed to freely:

- promote their businesses,
- post their ads,
- post referrals referral links,
- promote their websites,
- promote their products,
- meet other online business owners,
- ask questions directly to business owners,
- refer to themselves or to their business in their posts,
- seek employees for their businesses,
- find employment,
- write articles and include their links everyday,
- build several down-lines,
- view their readers and start contacts,
- find affiliates to promote their businesses,
- learn what the best online businesses are
- increase traffic to your websites by our free link permission,
- or just exchange ideas and build their network

all in the same forum everywhere that they find it possible.

Free registration allows our members to post no more than 20 posts.

As free forums do not allow their members to post their links and promotions freely, Online Businesses Forum does.

Our difference from free forums is huge. We invite several selected businesses as well as anyone interested in being a member in our forum. Please do not hesitate to register and to become a member in this unique forum.

We provide a place for free posts of your links, anyone can promote their links, downlines, advertisements, and many of the options that free forums do not allow freely.

We only ask our members to give some explanation about their businesses and be genuine in their communication, so that the viewers have some idea of the website that they are going to visit.

Our difference from paid network websites is that everyone can see everyone else's posts. Members do not have to click each profile and read their information or just post a message and wait for clicks. All the topics, titles, sub-titles, and posts can be seen on one big page. This way, every members' posts can be seen and every members' posts can have the same amount of clicks.

We promote freedom of promotion. We request our members to post with the knowledge that their viewers do not know about their businesses as much as they themselves do. For that reason, we ask our members to explain their businesses as much as they can.

One line ads usually do not get many clicks. That's because the reader does not learn enough to click the link by reading just 1 line. Most advertising companies do not provide enough space to post a short summary of the businesses, for that reason only very attractive ads catch the eye and the clicks.

However, in a place like a forum, as there is a lot of space, 1 line ads will not be seen as trustable. Therefore, we ask you to give a brief summary of anything you are posting.

We will help our members when we can through private messaging, especially when we think their posts should be editted. We do not want to edit them ourselves. One line ads are usually seen as SPAMs. As everyone knows that, this kind of advertising will not be seen as credible and we ask you to refrain from posting such short messages.


1) If you decide to subscribe, please pay your registration fee first and then register. Howeve, you can always register and subscribe much later, nor not subscribe at all. Memberships are recurrent. A non-refundable fee of 35-day (5 weeks) membership is $5.00 CND.

2) If you decide to subscribe and if you use different e-mails to register, we need you to pay through Paypal. Also please confirm with us by writing us an e-mail ( including the following information:

-your Online Businesses Forum username
-the e-mail addresses that you used and
-your full name

3) Payments are done through Paypal and Paypal is set to recurrent payment option.

If you would not like to be billed for the next 35 days, please inform us before the first day of your new 35 days. Your payments will not be refunded. In this case, your account will be active for another 35 days.

4) People who do not post but continue their recurrent payments can not be deleted by us (we can't know if you decided to quit or don't have time to use the forum), unless they inform us of a change.

5) People who do not pay and keep posting will be deleted after 3 days starting from the end of their last 35 days.

6) Your account will be activated faster if you use the same e-mails to pay through Paypal and to register.

Make your Payment by clicking the link below:

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